Fortum Recharge - Frequently asked questions

Does the news about Fortum Recharge have anything to say for you as a customer of Fortum Charge & Drive? Find answers to your questions below.

Frequently asked questions about Fortum Charge & Drive and Fortum Recharge

Do I have to order a new RFID tag?

No, you do not need a new RFID tag. Your old Fortum Charge & Drive tag will still work with the same chargers.

Can I still use the Fortum Charge & Drive app to start and stop charging?

Yes! You can still use the Charge & Drive app for charging your EV.

If I am a new customer and want to order an RFID tag, where do I go?

The same place as before. The Fortum Charge & Drive app!

Download the app, register, fill in your address and order a tag. 

Do I have to register as a new customer in the app to use the chargers?

No. If you have already registered, you can charge your EV as usual.

Where can I find charger information?

Charger status information and news are published in the app. The app also has a map where you can find all of our chargers, and find out if they are available or not for you to use.

If I am a Fortum home charging customer, will I be affected by this?

a) I have a home charger from Fortum. Do I need to do anything?

  • No

b) I want to order a new home charger. Where do I go?

  • The same place as before on your country's Fortum website.

c) Will there be any changes for housing associations?

  • No
Will there be a difference in customer service?

No. This will also remain the same. 

Why did Fortum sell their public charging network?

You can read all about it in the press release.

Who do I contact if there is something wrong with a charger?

Contact us on the telephone number visible on the charger itself or call our customer service.

Will Fortum Recharge gain access to my personal data?

No. Recharge only get access to charging data.

Will Fortum Recharge become a European actor, or only based in the Nordics?

Fortum Recharge will develop charging services in the Nordics and other potential markets.

Can I still pay by SMS?