How to charge your EV with Fortum Charge & Drive

Fortum provides easy EV charging, either by the use of our charging key, by phone (SMS) or by using our Charge & Drive app for iOS and Android.

My fortum
Download app

The app is free and available from AppStore or Google Play. You can view, filter, and find all the charging stations in the app. You can also order a charging key from within the app.

Add payment

In your app profile, add a credit card to your virtual key or RFID charging key. You can add different credit cards for different keys; handy for e.g. company receipts and bookkeeping.

Vehicle charging
Charge your EV

Pay for charging with the app or RFID charging key at any Fortum Charge & Drive charger. If you have problems, just call your local customer support (contact details at the bottom of this page).

How to quick charge your EV with Fortum Charge & Drive

(How-to in Norwegian. Follow the video to see how to quick charge.)

Hvordan hurtiglade med Fortum Charge & Drive

How to charge you car on our semi quick charging stations

This is how you use our semi quick and regular speed (AC) charging stations.

Hvordan lade mellomraskt med Fortum Charge & Drive
Charge on the go

Travelling and Charging

Enjoying the Nordic countries by EV? Read this on how to charge your EV on the Fortum Charge & Drive network when travelling in Norway, Finland, or Sweden.

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