Stay safe! How to charge your electric vehicle the safest way possible.

Fortum Charge & Drive app

Our EV charging network is operating as usual, but we ask you to take some care.

To enable safe charging for eg nurses, cleaners, shop staff and other everyday heroes on their way to and from work, we try hard to make our charging network work as smoothly as possible. We would also like to recommend our customers to pay attention when charging, making travels safe for everyone.

Here are some tips for safe charging of your EV:

  • Avoid touching surfaces with your fingertips as much as possible. Instead - use a pen, paper towel or gloves to press the buttons or touchscreens.
  • Charge with our APP to avoid as much touching as possible. On most of our chargers, you do not need to press START on the charger if you are using the app for charging your electric vehicle.
  • Since it is difficult to charge the car without touching the charging handle, we recommend that our customers bring along paper towels or disposable gloves and use this to grip it. Be sure to safely dispose the gloves or paper after use.
  • Wash your hands and / or use antibacterial hand sanitizing products before and after charging your EV.
  • Keep a safe distance from other people charging, and otherwise follow national government guidelines.

The most important thing: Stay safe <3